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University Trips and Guest Speakers

Oxford University Speaker

On Wednesday 27th March 2019 a speaker from Oxford University came in to speak to Year 10-13 students about university life including the academic requirements and the social experience they will gain.

University of Birmingham Revision Trips 2019

A revision further trip took place on Tuesday 26th March, when a committed group of Year 13 students attended a revision lecture on amino acids, proteins and DNA at the University of Birmingham at 7pm.

Students profited from a recap of how molecular chemistry supports the understanding of biological processes such as how ibuprofen works as an enzyme inhibitor.

On Tuesday 12th March, a committed group of Year 13 students attended a revision lecture on NMR Spectroscopy at the University of Birmingham.  Students benefited from a recap of how this analytical technique works and how to match peaks to chemical structures.

Year 12 Alumni Assembly 2019

Katie Seymour, alumna of Windsor, returned to the Sixth Form on Monday 7th January to talk to Year 12 students about her post-16 experiences so far.

Katie spoke about how Windsor had prepared her for future education and life at university.  This included the opportunity to learn Japanese through an extra-curricular club which inspired her to learn the language in greater depth.  Katie is now studying Japanese at Oxford University.  Katie acknowledged the support offered by Windsor teaching and support staff which enabled her to believe in her own abilities, strengthening her resolve to continue her studies at university.

Key highlights, regarding her journey since leaving Windsor, included advice on settling into a new place of learning/town, managing finances and the different types of clubs on offer.

Katie emphasised the importance of resilience when facing new challenges and how Windsor had helped her with this.

Her final piece of advice was to work hard and be passionate about your chosen subject/career –whatever future path you decide on – university, apprenticeship, industry.

Year 13 Visit to University of Warwick – November 2018

On 6th November, our year 13 chemistry students enjoyed a day at the University of Warwick experiencing the Chemistry in Action study day. They heard from a range of speakers working in industry and academia about their passions in chemistry. Kit Chapman, the comment editor for Chemistry World hooked the audience straight away with the work he does that goes into creating new chemical elements and showed how chemistry and physics complement each other well. Students’ opinions of plastic were challenged by Jamie Gallagher from University of Glasgow. Rachel Bolton-King from Staffordshire University fascinated them with her interactive talk with the developments in forensic science, and the students used evidence to help solve a crime and considered what evidence needs to collected to be used in a court of law. Julie MacPherson, University of Warwick, delved into the wonders of the element carbon and the work she does on the nanoscale, including doping giant covalent structures to produce different coloured diamonds. Finally, students were introduced to transition metal chemistry which they will study in the spring term and were mesmerised by the colourful and loud demonstrations from Peter Hoare, Newcastle University.

Here is what two of our students thought of the day:

I found the Chemistry in action day very enjoyable and interesting, we heard about a large range of applications to chemistry which relate to things on our spec, giving us a new angle to see them from. My favourite part of the day was the talk on forensics and it was really intriguing and engaging as we worked our way through a mock murder case using all the chemical clues to gather more information about what was going on and this was really appealing. Millie

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chemistry in Action Day at Warwick Uni. I learnt about all the opportunities that an A-Level in Chemistry can open up from forensics to discovering new elements. My favourite lecture was all about colourful chemistry which included a fair few explosions and “magic” displays!! – would definitely recommend. Lucy

Awards Ceremony November 2018

On 23rd November over 130 students returned to school to receive their GCSE, BTEC and A-Level certificates, special subject prizes for excellence and school awards for services to the school community plus the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

The guest speaker this year was Matthew Wilkes, former student of the school, who gave an inspirational talk about his early years at Windsor and his career as an Assistant Referee.  Matt praised the support offered to the students by both their teachers and parents.  He emphasized the need for young people to develop communication skills, look to support from colleagues in their chosen profession, keep learning and developing skills throughout their careers/lives and remain determined and resilient to keep going to overcome any difficulties they may face.

Finally, to sum up he quoted from Duke Ellington, American composer and leader of a jazz orchestra “Create, and be true to yourself, and depend only on your own good taste.”

University of Birmingham Talk – October 2018

Year 13 students had the opportunity to attend a masterclass in personal statement writing from the University of Birmingham this week (w/c 8/10/18).

The talk also covered the Access to Birmingham Scheme (A2B). For more information and to see how to qualify please see the link below.

Over the last few weeks Year 13 students have had the opportunity to write a letter to their future self.  The exercise allowed students to reflect and celebrate how far they have come as well as set goals for the future.

In order to increase motivation, students will be invited to open their letters in May 2019 before the summer examination period. Megan (13JRi) said ‘I really enjoyed the activity as it allowed me to focus on my long term goals and offer my future self-motivation before the exams’

Six Former Students attend Russell Group University & Careers Event 2017

On the evening of Monday 3rd April 2017, Windsor was proud to welcome back six distinguished alumni to our prestigious Russell Group University and Careers event. The group were part of a number of former students who responded to our invitation to return to Windsor and share their experiences of life at a Russell Group university.  It was a chance for the alumni to catch up and share stories about their lives beyond Windsor, as well as being on hand to answer questions posed by our current Sixth Form students.

It was lovely to see them all again and hear about how well they are doing in their further studies and careers. We look forward to welcoming more alumni back to Windsor in the near future.

Visit to Girton College, University of Cambridge – February 2017

36 students from years 10 and 12 visited Girton College, at the University of Cambridge, to experience a taste of university life at one of the top universities in the world.

Windsor students were introduced to academic studies, expectations and possible courses before a tour of the university by third year students. This allowed Windsor students to see university life first hand. The day finished with a visit to the city centre and a tour of the famous landmarks there.

Awards Ceremony November 2016

On the evening of Friday 11th November 2016, the school hosted it Annual Awards Ceremony.  Former Year 13 and Year 11 students were presented with their GCSE, BTEC and A Level certificates and given a chance to catch up with each other and some the of the teaching staff.

Some former students were also awarded special prizes to recognise their individual achievements; this included the Andrew Hawker Prize for Mathematics in the Sixth Form.  Jake Davis is the first recipient of the award and Mr Hawker’s son was there to see it being presented for the first time.

Special guest of the evening was three times European Skating Champion, Richard Parker, who shared some of his experiences as an extreme sports competitor.

Awards Ceremony November 2015

The evening of 15th November 2015 was spent celebrating the academic achievements of Windsor students from last year’s Year 11 and Year 13 cohorts. Parents, staff and guests came together to applaud as the students collected their GCSE and A Level certificates, along with some special awards and prizes.

Adventurer and explorer, John Sullivan, was our guest of honour for the evening; after handing out awards to students he gave an inspirational talk about some of his adventures and the importance of following your dreams and indulging your passions.

Awards Ceremony November 2014

On 14th November 2014  we were delighted to welcome a record audience of more than 430 students, former students, parents, friends, school governors and staff to our Annual Awards Ceremony in our Sports Hall. We gave out examination certificates and subject prizes to former Year 11 students, many of whom have now settled into our Sixth Form, and to last year’s Year 13 who came back from University or took a break from apprenticeships, a gap year or employment to join us.

Our guest speaker was Sébastien Foucan who invented free running. Most of the audience knew him from the James Bond film Casino Royale. Sébastien talked with humility and humour about his achievements, delivering a universal message about the components that contributed to his success – self belief, determination, high aspirations, hard work and practice, integrity and making the most of your talents.

It was a proud evening for everyone as we recognised excellence, achievement and commitment and wished our students success in the next phase of their life.

UCAS Convention

Sixth Formers travelled to Aston University to visit the UCAS Education convention. Over 140 Exhibitors (Universities, Colleges and other relevant organisations) were present to answer questions about courses, open days, applying to university, student loans and gap years. Overall the day was a success and many of us gathered useful information and quite a few free pens!

The Mathematics behind fertility at the University of Birmingham

In 2014 a group of year 12 AS Maths students headed to the University of Birmingham for a lecture on the mathematics behind fertility and the ways in which maths is being used alongside physics to enhance the study of biology itself.

A lecture lead by Dr Dave Smith began discussing certain ratios and highlighted the lack of sperm that actually succeed in fertilising an egg in comparison to the amount of men who’ve walked on the moon! What followed were some intense equations from the study of fluid mechanics which were related to the viscosity of substances and how the sperm’s tail’s motion enhanced its ability to move efficiently through viscous substances like the ones found in the cervix.

All in all Dr Smith expressed the importance of maths being able to play a key role in all scientific fields and with the help of it, both maths and applied science can benefit from each others methods to improve the ways in which the subjects work, possibly developing new mathematical and scientific research methods along the way.

Report from Chadsley Atkins

Bonita Norris – To Everest and beyond!

On 7th July sixth form hosted Bonita Norris, presenter of the T.V. series Red Bull Cliff Diving, and the youngest British female to reach the top of Everest at the age of 22 in 2010. Bonita talked about her emotional and inspiring story of how she overcame great odds to achieve such a seemingly impossible goal and the harrowing events that occurred during her climb.

During her presentation to Year 12, Bonita shared some of the skills she learned during her many expeditions, such as managing challenging tasks, goal setting and the importance of some key life skills.