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University Trips and Guest Speakers

Awards Ceremony November 2014

On 14th November we were delighted to welcome a record audience of more than 450 students, former students, parents, friends, school governors and staff to our Annual Awards Ceremony in our Sports Hall. We gave out examination certificates and subject prizes to former Year 11 students, many of whom have now settled into our Sixth Form, and to last year’s Year 13 who came back from University or took a break from apprenticeships, a gap year or employment to join us.

Our guest speaker was Sébastien Foucan who invented free running. Most of the audience knew him from the James Bond film Casino Royale. Sébastien talked with humility and humour about his achievements, delivering a universal message about the components that contributed to his success – self belief, determination, high aspirations, hard work and practice, integrity and making the most of your talents.

It was a proud evening for everyone as we recognised excellence, achievement and commitment and wished our students success in the next phase of their life.

UCAS Convention

Sixth Formers travelled to Aston University to visit the UCAS Education convention. Over 140 Exhibitors (Universities, Colleges and other relevant organisations) were present to answer questions about courses, open days, applying to university, student loans and gap years. Overall the day was a success and many of us gathered useful information and quite a few free pens!

The Mathematics behind fertility at the University of Birmingham

In 2014 a group of year 12 AS Maths students headed to the University of Birmingham for a lecture on the mathematics behind fertility and the ways in which maths is being used alongside physics to enhance the study of biology itself.

A lecture lead by Dr Dave Smith began discussing certain ratios and highlighted the lack of sperm that actually succeed in fertilising an egg in comparison to the amount of men who’ve walked on the moon! What followed were some intense equations from the study of fluid mechanics which were related to the viscosity of substances and how the sperm’s tail’s motion enhanced its ability to move efficiently through viscous substances like the ones found in the cervix.

All in all Dr Smith expressed the importance of maths being able to play a key role in all scientific fields and with the help of it, both maths and applied science can benefit from each others methods to improve the ways in which the subjects work, possibly developing new mathematical and scientific research methods along the way.

Report from Chadsley Atkins

Bonita Norris – To Everest and beyond!

On 7th July sixth form hosted Bonita Norris, presenter of the T.V. series Red Bull Cliff Diving, and the youngest British female to reach the top of Everest at the age of 22 in 2010. Bonita talked about her emotional and inspiring story of how she overcame great odds to achieve such a seemingly impossible goal and the harrowing events that occurred during her climb.

During her presentation to Year 12, Bonita shared some of the skills she learned during her many expeditions, such as managing challenging tasks, goal setting and the importance of some key life skills.