The Student Experience

Having an Impact

All Sixth Form students have the opportunity to develop their contribution to the community and enhance their leadership skills whilst at Windsor Sixth Form. As well as offering opportunities for young men and women to grow themselves as fully rounded individuals, these activities can play a useful part in demonstrating their areas of interest and commitment to Universities and employers.


Students’ Union

The Sixth Form Students Union provides a voice for students keen to take part in decision making processes across a range of issues of direct concern to Sixth Form students. This group consists of members elected by the students and meets regularly to take a key role in the development of student facilities, social and charity events and enrichment activities across the Sixth Form.

The Wider Community

Students may lead extra-curricular clubs, mentor younger students in the main school, support teaching of the younger year groups or help out at one of our link Primary schools.

Student contribution and engagement is actively recorded to help with applications to University and employment.


Students were given the opportunity to give their time instead of money as part of our charity focus. All of our Year 12 students arranged a voluntary placement to support those in the local community. This included working in charity shops, helping with the local food bank, local community groups or helping an elderly neighbour with gardening or shopping. The feedback we received was fantastic with many positive comments about the students and the impact they made.

We are very proud of them and it goes without saying that we will continue with this very worthwhile charity event again.