The Student Experience



There is a timetable enrichment session on a Wednesday afternoon each week for students to participate in a wide variety of activities designed to support health and well being and enrich students’ academic curriculum.


Developing Physically

There are a variety of physical activities available for students designed to broaden experience and offer a break from subjects. Our sixth form teams compete in various British College of Sport leagues in football, netball, mixed hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. There are fitness activities such as use of our Health suite, Yoga and Zumba as well as the opportunity to try new things such as Dodgeball and rock climbing.

Sprinting Masterclass with Darren Campbell MBE Olympic Athlete

A group of Sixth Form students travelled to Rivers Primary School (part of the Windsor Academy Trust) in Walsall to take part in a sprinting Masterclass with Olympic gold medal winning Darren Campbell and a group of talented Year 6 pupils.

Aaron James said: “He taught us skills on how to improve our sprinting techniques including several painful exercises!”

The sprint Masterclass was followed by a question and answer session including the whole upper years of the school. Here Darren emphasised how important it is to follow your dreams no matter what that dream is. Both the primary school pupils and the Sixth Formers found the experience inspiring and insightful!

Boosting your knowledge

The range of enrichment activities continues to grow and we have a wide variety on offer including Criminal Clinic, Languages, Advanced Certificate in Spoken English and Photography.

Taking responsibility

Students at Windsor regularly have a positive impact and can use the scheduled enrichment time to mentor younger students in main school, support teaching of the younger year groups or help out as a reading partner at one our link Primary schools. Wednesday afternoons can also be used to gain valuable work experience.

Trips and visits

Throughout the year additional trips or visits will be organised which will add huge enrichment to your learning. You are also encouraged to take part in University visits and Open Days and be part of the growing international links that the school has established.

A recent visit to CERN, the international hub of scientific experimentation, involved a group of year 12 Physics students facing the cold and snow of Switzerland in order to witness some truely amazing physics in action. They were given a tour of the ATLAS control room and watched scientists, engineers and researchers analyse and disseminate remnants of the 1 billion collisions that occur per second in the ATLAS detector (the largest machine in the world). The trip was an captivating opportunity for students to meet inspiring scientists and see the theories they have been studying in the classroom applied in this ground breaking project.