Sixth Form

The Student Experience 

What is it like at Windsor Sixth Form?

“Windsor Sixth Form is a brilliant place where you know that you can perform your absolute best and form long lasting relationships between teachers and students. Here they push you to your maximum potential for a bright future, well earned.” Penny Hopkins

Aims and Ethos

We aim to create a learning environment in which students are given every opportunity to flourish academically, develop socially and above all enjoy their experience. To achieve this ethos our Sixth Form requires the students, teaching staff and support staff to work in partnership.

The Sixth Form asks each student to commit to a learning agreement and also set individual goals and expectations.

In return the Sixth Form commits to the following to allow each student the opportunity to succeed:

  • Have high expectations of all involved which will help raise achievement and attainment.
  • Encourage students to have confidence in their abilities.
  • Encourage independent learning within a creative Sixth Form culture, allowing students to deepen and broaden their knowledge in all areas of interest.
  • Recognise that students learn in different ways and encourage them to find their most effective and enjoyable way of learning.
  • Recognise that there are different types of intelligence and help students to make the most of their strengths through a varied enrichment programme.
  • Provide a curriculum which is balanced and matches the needs of the students.
  • Provide a comprehensive student support system.
  • Create a physical environment which is conducive to study, where Sixth Form students have access to new technologies and are motivated by their surroundings.

“I came to Windsor Sixth Form as an external student.  The staff and fellow students welcomed me with open arms.  The support the Sixth Form provides gave me the opportunity to grow and flourish, not only in my studies but as an individual too.  The staff have set me on the path to success and I’ve never looked back.”   Trinity – Bournville School

“I have made good friends, love all my classes and overall feel welcome.”  Phoebe – Thorns Collegiate Academy