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Wellbeing Support

The emotional wellbeing of students, staff, parents and carers is crucial to living a happy, successful and healthy life. There are times, however, when we all need a little support in achieving this.

There is a vast amount of support online that is free to access, and offers guidance, advice, support and tips on how to deal with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. This support ranges from case studies to helpful hints, and also offers phone numbers in case this support is required.

The online support organisations below are some of the many ways we can extend the range of support available to our school and wider community.  Please click on the organisation’s name to visit their website.

KOOTH All young people
STONEWALL Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people

Advice for parents/carers flier

DUDLEY MIND Young people/parents/carers
YOUNG MIND Project based advice for young people and parents/carers. Helpline number for parents/carers.
ANXIETY UK Young people. Support for anxiety conditions.
TIME TO CHANGE Young people. Provides phone numbers for mental health charities, groups and services.
HEADS TOGETHER Young people. Promotes talking about mental health and getting rid of the stigma attached to it.

Starting secondary school

Parents/carers. Provides emotional support for children.

Advice about getting ready to start secondary school.

CHILDNET Parents and Carers. Working to keep the internet a safe place to be.
WHAT CENTRE Parents and carers. A place for Parents/carers to access services in the local area.
SAMARITANS All people with suicidal thoughts
THE CHILDREN’S SOCIETY Advice for young people
SELFHARM UK / VIRTUAL COLLEGE Free online course designed to help parents talk about the issue of self-harm with their children

Anna Freud Secondary Parents Leaflet

PARENT ZONE Internet use
ACTION FOR HAPPINESS Self-Care September Calendar

Optimistic October Calendar

New Things November Calendar

Do Good December Calendar

Happy New Year January Calendar

CHILD BEREAVEMENT When Someone Special Dies Leaflet – For Children 7-11 Years Old

When Someone Special Dies Leaflet – For Young People

Children’s Understanding of Death at Different Ages

How Children & Young People Grieve

What Helps Grieving Children and Young People

Supporting Bereaved Children and Young People with Additional Needs Through Grief

Supporting Bereaved Children and Young People with ASD

Building Resilience in Bereaved Children

When a Grandparent Dies: The Impact on Children and Young People


Look After Your Mental Health Using Exercise Look After Your Mental Health Using Mindfulness