Parents and Students

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The Children and Families Act 2014 has led to the introduction from September 2014 of a new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs.


In April 2014 the government issued a letter to parents, which explains some of the main changes. A link to this and a further letter can be found at the bottom of the page.

The main changes that are likely to be of most interest to parents are:

  • Statements of special educational needs will no longer exist, and are being replaced with Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans for children and young people with complex needs.
  • The categories of ‘School Action’ and ‘School Action Plus’ will be replaced by a single category called ‘Special educational needs (SEN) support’.
  • The code emphasizes that the process is less about counting the hours or resources given to your child at school and more about what your child has achieved as a result.
  • The new code makes it clear that high quality teaching, appropriately differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to possible special educational needs.
  • Local authorities are required to publish a local offer of provision for children and young people who are disabled or have SEN, so that parents, carers and young people understand the range of provision that is available. A link to the Dudley ‘Local Offer’ can be accessed by clicking here.

All schools are required to publish an SEN information report.

Letters for parents from Edward Timpson (Minister for Children and Families) can be clicked on below:

The new Special educational needs and disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years can be accessed by clicking on this link.


All schools are required to publish an Accessibility Plan.