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PTA Parents Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Windsor High School Association PTA is a registered charity and is run by a team of parents and teachers who, through various projects and events throughout the year, help raise extra money for the students of our school.

Events attract our local and school community, a fantastic time is had by all and, together, we raise hundreds of pounds which go back into school to the benefit of all our students.


How to Join

We are always looking for extra help and to replace parents on the PTA who leave when their children do. So if you can offer any form of help from time to time, for any of our functions, or can spare the time to take a more active role and join us at half termly meetings, you will be very welcome.

PTA serving officers 2017-18

  • Rachel Dunne, Chair
  • Mike Cox, Vice Chair
  • Arron Rimmer, Secretary
  • Lisa Shilvock, Treasurer
50/50 Club

This exciting fundraising activity operates like a ‘Lottery Club’. Members ‘buy’ a number for £1.00 each month, per number. Each person can ‘buy’ up to a maximum of five numbers (or £5.00) each month. (When you first join up your number(s) will be allocated by the Club Coordinator)

The monthly prize fund is 50% of the money collected from members for that month, with the other 50% going directly to the Parent Teacher Association Fundraising Account.

Each calendar month, all the numbers are entered into a draw and three numbers are drawn. 1st prize (25% of the money collected), 2nd prize (15%) and 3rd prize (10%)

We are actively looking for new members of our 50/50 Club. IT IS SIMPLE TO JOIN.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 17th October at 6.00 pm in Room P3

Future Events

Year 7 Halloween Disco – Thursday 25th October, 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Christmas Fair, Friday 30th November, 4.30pm to 7.00pm