Parents and Students

Emergency School Closures

In the event of severe weather conditions, or indeed any other emergency, we may need to close the School. This is a decision that can often only be made early in the morning.

When making the decision we are conscious of the need to balance the health and safety risks of students making hazardous journeys against the loss of a school day. We will always endeavour to be open with a full School or closed. To end up with significantly depleted numbers of staff and students exposes them all to risk. An exception to this may be the need to continue with any public examinations.


When a decision is made it will be communicated via ParentMail and Twitter.  If you do not use Twitter, the school’s Twitter feed can be opened from the Twitter icon on the website.  We will also contact the following radio stations:

Radio Station Frequency
Free Radio Birmingham 96.4
Radio WM 95.6
Heart FM 100.7
Free Radio Black Country FM 97.2