Parents and Students

Catering Services

Windsor has a commitment to providing quality catering services for our students and staff in both the main school and the sixth form centre.


We provide wholesome, healthy and enjoyable meals at competitive prices in our dedicated dining room.  For the students convenience we operate a “cashless catering system.”

The Cashless Biometric System

The cashless catering system uses biometrics allowing us to deliver a more efficient and faster service.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

  1. A more convenient way to pay for school meals – ie no more looking for change every morning.
  2. By pre paying direct to the school you know your child will be eating a wholesome healthy balanced meal in school, rather than spending their “dinner money” on sweets and crisps at local shops on their way to and from school.
  3. Alleviating many of the associated problems with the use of cash in schools.
  4. Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service
  5. Automatic free meal allocation – with these pupils remaining anonymous.
  6. Students having control of their own catering accounts, and using the system teaches important life skills.
  7. Enable the school to provide you as parents with information about what your son/daughter has spent their dinner money on.