School Trips and Activities

Arts and Culture

Windsor celebrates the importance of arts and culture. Below are some examples of the trips and conferences students and teachers partake in:

The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time

In February the GCSE and A level drama and theatre studies groups went on a trip to see “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” as part of controlled assessments and coursework. The story revolves around Christopher, an autistic teenager who, despite being very intelligent, finds it difficult to interact with strangers and even his own family. When he sets out to discover the killer of his neighbour’s dog, his world is turned upside down as he tries to seek clarity in his life. The play gives the audience a fascinating look into how someone with a disability sees the world and how the world reacts to them. The cast performed superbly with the actor playing Christopher being able to get across the difficulties of his condition but still being likeable and endearing. The set was a technical masterpiece as it was essentially a giant cube that had several lighting techniques and props applied to it to flawlessly convey each new location to the audience. The set and also the costumes were made with superb quality and subtly conveyed story and theming elements if the audience were willing to go looking for those aspects. Overall it was a very well put together piece with an excellent story, a very interesting main character and an ending that will leave you smiling long after the curtain drops. Review by Matthew Jasper 12CJO

Romeo and Juliet Theatre Trip

The A Level groups went to see “Romeo and Juliet” in February in Bristol and it was a great experience. The play had minimalist technical production values but the director clearly put them to effective use, with the superb acting being the centre piece of this performance; as a result it felt very visceral and impressive. The set was minimalistic, essentially just being a wooden circular platform, which changed subtly for each new setting, with the audience sat ‘in the round’(making for an interesting viewing experience) but it was used to great effect. The Shakespearian language barrier may be a challenge, but it was nowhere as difficult to understand as you may think and the actors did a fine job of saying more through their actions and facial expressions than words ever could. The story itself was incredibly gripping and there was never a moment of stage time wasted and whereas “Curious Incident’s” ending left you in a feel good humour, “Romeo and Juliet” left one feeling very disturbed and moved by the futility of the deaths. After all, “For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo”

By Matt Jasper 12 CJO

National Dance Teacher Association Conference

On Saturday 22nd November 2014, Miss Hunt took 10 students to the NDTA Conference to perform. The students performed in front of 80 plus dance teachers from across the country and did a fantastic job. The performance took place at Birmingham Ormiston Academy where the students spent most of their Saturday running technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals and the actual performance. Amongst Windsor there were 2 soloists from BOA itself, a Primary performance and a performance from ACE Youth Company. It was a very enjoyable day and the 10 students did Windsor High School and Sixth Form very proud.

A Celebration Through Arts

An exhibition of the expressive arts, took place in the Sixth Form on Tuesday 8th July. With dancers leading the audience through the venue to enjoy singing, dancing, music and art.

The acts included the Windsor choir, the String Quartet and the Sixth Form and Y10 dancers. The students displayed their amazing talents to three audiences over the course of the evening. The performances showcased the wonderful work that takes place in the expressive arts department.

Written by Erin Crofts, Katie Rea and Will Roberts

Thank you to Katy Wood, who came in on Wednesday 2nd July to teach members of our Urban Dance Club and BTEC Dancers as a reward for their hard work. They had an opportunity to work with a professional dance artist to learn techniques in hip hop dance. The intense workshop gave the students an insight into a different style of Hip Hop.

Dance Trip to the USA

On the 5th – 13th April 2014 BTEC Dancers in Sixth Form will be off on their travels to Baltimore, USA for a week long tour around 8 different Performing Arts Elementary and High Schools. They will be performing, taking part in class and actually teaching themselves as well as a spot of sight seeing accompanied by Mrs McLaughlin, Miss Hunt and Mr Leafe.

Good luck to the students, who have worked extremely hard since September, not only in their lessons but also in their own time to choreograph and rehearse for this trip. We hope you enjoy this opportunity of a lifetime.

AS English Literature visit The Royal Exchange

On 2nd February, a group of ten AS English Literature students travelled to Manchester as a part of our study in First World War literature, to visit The Royal Exchange Theatre and watch a performance of The Accrington Pals.

As well as giving us a wider understanding of the First World War, watching the play served as part of our wider study of dramatic pieces, and in particular, those that focus on the perspective of women – mothers, sisters, lovers – who were left behind, and had to continue their lives without the young men who were sent off to fight and die. The trip was an excellent experience, and one which has definitely helped us in our studies.

Written by Elinor Cole, Year 12

Year 12 Photography Trip


At the end of September our Year 12 OCR ICT class met with the resident company in the new Business Centre, Closer to the Edge. A business meeting with company director Mel Ellis followed, with the group using iPads to record our client’s requirement specifications and prepare for the trip to Sandwell Valley Park.

On the 18th October, we visited the “Closer To The Edge” high ropes course they have located at the Sandwell Valley Park, the trip allowed us to use our newly learnt photography skills in an real life work and a business situation. This also gave us a chance to find out the more practical differences between each the several different types of cameras we had, such as the Video cams, digital, bridge and DSLR.

We were given the chance to take photos and record footage from the ground, viewing platforms and some of us were placed at points around the high ropes. One name springs to mind when the chance was offered – Ben Saxon, his eagerness and enthusiasm really impressed the staff leader of the day, Miss Tibbetts. Connor Goodway and James Page also set up tents to gather images for their Wild Camping project.

Overall the trip was a valuable experience, enjoyed by all and has resulted in some fantastic photographs that are required for our coursework.

Writter up by Christian Quek 13ARU