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Year 10 Annual Trip to Snowdonia – 2018

Whilst away, on their annual trip to Snowdonia, 46 students had the opportunity of staying at Bangor University, where they could get an insight of what University would be like; this included attending an evening seminar and using the sports facilities.

Our students were studying parts of the UK Physical Landscapes GCSE topic where they had the opportunity to visit Newborough beach and collect data on sediment size and sand dunes, as well as visiting Snowdonia National Park where they collected river data.

It was a residential thoroughly enjoyed by all, with many students asking to visit again or stay an extra night!

Business Studies Trip to Cadbury World 2018

On Monday 11th June, 58 year 10 Business students visited Cadbury World where they enjoyed a detailed educational talk, a tour, a 4D cinema experience and a lot of taste testing! It was a valuable day with lots of links to the Business courses studied.

Mrs Alexander

Year 9 Dreamgirls London Dance Trip

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018, Windsor High School and Sixth Form Year 9 dancers completed a joint dance trip with The Kingswinford School to London.  Students took part in a dance workshop at the famous Pineapple Studios with a cast member from the West End production of ‘Dreamgirls’, followed by watching the matinee performance of the show.  Our students loved learning the dance that was featured in the opening of the show; it was a fantastic opportunity that allowed students to experience what is needed to perform in the West End!

Real Madrid Football Trip 2018

41 students and 4 staff spent 5 days in Madrid on a football experience of a lifetime! Our students trained like professional footballers for 4 days and took in the wonderful sights of Madrid in their downtime.
They also played matches against local opposition in weather conditions that reminded them of England!

The results were as follows: U13 Algete C.F 0 – 5 Windsor U14 Algete C.G. 4 – 2 Windsor U15 Algete C.F. 1 – 3 Windsor Students were an absolute credit to the school and loved being treated as a professional footballer for the trip! Keep a look out for next year’s football trip!

Visit to Girton College, University of Cambridge

36 students from Years 10 and 12 visited Girton College, at the University of Cambridge to experience a taste of university life at one of the top universities in the world.
Windsor students were introduced to academic studies, expectations and possible courses before a tour of the university by Third year students. This allowed Windsor students to see university life first hand. The day finished with a visit to the city centre and a tour of the famous landmarks there.

An Audience with Jonathan Stroud

On 10th October 2016, 15 Year 7 and 8 students went to Wolverhampton Grammar School to see Jonathan Stroud, author of the Bartimaeus Trilogy and the newest series Lockwood and Co.
Stroud told us some mystery writing tips. One of the tips he told us was to set the tale somewhere you wouldn’t normally expect it, like a hairdressers or a shopping centre.

There were about 150 people and 8 different schools including us. He signed our books and we had the chance to ask him questions like “which book do you think should be best in a film?”, to which he replied, “I think the first one, The Screaming Staircase, because you get introduced to the characters and all of the ghosts.”
Mrs Woodward, one of the librarians, said to us in a quote: “He is my favourite author, he is amazing. I could sit and listen to him all day.”
Louise H and Abi S, Year 7

Year 12 University Search Visit 2016

On Thursday 13th October Year 12 students visited Edgbaston Stadium to attend University Search 2016. This will form the first part of their journey towards a chosen career. The object of the day was to gain knowledge and understanding of course choices and how variations in courses between institutions, can be valuable to a chosen career pathway.
At the venue students attended seminars on UCAS applications and student finance alongside a question panel with guests from different universities from across the country. Oxford University also provided a seminar for those interested in Russell group and Oxbridge education. Following the seminars students were able to speak with 50 different institutions including red brick and new universities and specialist colleges for varying performance arts and events management.

National School Games Opening Ceremony

Following their success at an audition in front of Kimberley Wyatt (Pussycat Dolls) and dancers from Flawless, a group of dancers from Windsor were part of the finale of the National School Games opening ceremony on September 1st 2016!

The ceremony took place at Loughborough University in front of 3000 spectators and young athletes!!  Students worked extremely hard within the last few weeks of the last academic year, as well as attending summer rehearsals to prepare for the performance!

It was a fantastic and memorable experience for all students involved who performed to an outstanding level!! They were ambassadors for Windsor High School and a huge well done is definitely deserved!! The dance teachers are extremely proud of all who took part and would like to say thank you for their hard work and dedication.

Debate Mate 2015/16

Debate Mate is a fantastic charity organisation that looks at bringing students, teachers and curriculum together through the art of debate.  It is a nationally run organisation that works with both primary and secondary schools with the aim of developing a number of core skills, such as communication, public speaking, teamwork and last but not least confidence.

From the start we had a core group of students in both year 7 and 10. The year 7s really took a shine to Debate Mate. They had their own mentors (Undergraduates studying Law, Government and Politics) and with all the snacks they could hope for, they delved into some of the everyday issues that arise within the education and legal systems.  They really enjoyed themselves throughout the year and are already looking at enhancing their group numbers for next. They have been a pleasure to work with and although they were too young to compete, they have developed important skills.

The main competition is aimed at year 9, 10 and 11 and comprises of 2 local competitions and then an invitation to the Urban Debate Mate regional competition.  After some tough competition in the early 2 rounds the students held a regional ranking of 7/59 competing schools.  From this they were invited to the Urban Debate Mate Cup.  For the winners, it meant a trip to parliament, to represent the West Midlands for the National Title.  Held at the University of Birmingham our 12 students, making 3 teams, took part in 3 gruelling debates with only 15 minutes to prepare for each.  After that, based on a points based scoring system the judges would announce the top 5 schools, with first and second matched against each other on stage, in the Grand Hall, in front of 400 people in a live debate.  We were so proud to hear that our students were placed 4th and 2nd.  Our students, some of whom have never debated before in their lives were on stage with a chance to represent the West Midlands in a National Competition. With little preparation they planned their points, sat down and with confidence and dignity expressed their arguments.  After a long day of competition the students finished as runners up.  A fantastic achievement for all their effort and hard work.

One Million Kg Challenge

Over a 4 week period (16h November – 11th December 2015) the school staff and students lifted OVER one million kilograms. This was a collective challenge which a number of staff accepted.

The aim is to raise money for cancer research and McMillan nurses in memory of Mr Hawker. With a love of sport and mathematic endeavour we hope this is a fitting challenge. Please donate to support the participants grand effort!

Le Tourquet

In June, 79 Year 8 students and 8 members of staff set off with great excitement for a fun day out in Le Touquet France – and we weren’t disappointed!

After a long journey we arrived in France to a sunny and warm afternoon. Students had plenty of opportunities to practise their French as they spent the time shopping, playing on the beach and eating fabulous ice creams. Some of them even managed a game of football against some local French people.

We arrived back safe and sound, even if somewhat exhausted shortly before 1 am Saturday morning. It was a brilliant day for everyone. The students behaviour and enthusiasm were excellent throughout the day – so a massive thank you to both students and the staff who accompanied us.

Bangor Geography Trip


On 27th June around 40 Y10 geography students headed off to Bangor with Mr Langford, Mr Blackburn, Miss Walker and Mr Wilmore.

We all knew it would be a great opportunity to see first hand the many features of the UK’s coastline; which would be far more helpful than a textbook!

Whilst in Bangor not only did we all get the chance to visit Snowdonia and Swallow Falls, we also were able to stay in the Halls of Residence at the local university, unwinding in the cinema on our first night in Wales.

It was such a great, memorable time I know we will all take so much away from this trip. Thanks to all the staff for making it such a great time.

Charlie Wright Y10


It was like a scene from a movie……….I was sure I had seen it before….. and then it struck me….. it was the scene from the famous “Angels and Demons” where the eye scanner had been used to access the infamous nuclear lab inside CERN. It was official I was about to enter the same realm…..What a claim to fame this was about to be.

With a dramatic intro from our tour guide reminiscent of Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory we were ushered into the very room that housed the 14,000 ton 15x15x25 m detector CMS (compact muon solenoid). This detector was instrumental in the discovery of the famous god particle – “The Higgs boson”. Its sheer size and complexity was awe inspiring and the process of building, maintaining and more importantly, improving machines now took on a different meaning.

As you can tell this is part of the story of our visit to CERN; that involved 27 physics students led by Mr Walker, Mr Butler and Mrs Hardawa to explore the intricacies of the largest experiment and machine in the world. CERN is a particle physics marvel with 27km of super cooled electromagnets that enable the propulsion of particles at close to the speed of light and ultimately ensure their destruction by directing them to collide in a collision that creates temperatures close to that witnessed a short time after the big bang.

Thanks to the input from the teachers and researchers on site our trip involved tours and masterclasses in all aspects of the detectors purpose and function most notably the importance of electromagnetism and the role of the researcher.

Our competitive quizzes and chess playing in Geneva will not be forgotten easily and neither will Silas’s ability to wear shorts in 3 degrees celsius!! It truly was an experience to remember and we look forward to the next CERN trip.

Mr Walker

Leicester Tigers


On Saturday 21st November, 21 pupils and 4 members of staff went to Leicester Tigers Rugby ground for the day. The day included a coaching session from some of the Tigers professional coaches, meeting the Leicester Tigers hooker, Rob Hawkins, for a Question and Answer session and watching the Leicester Tigers v London Irish game. The match was a thrilling spectacle which Leicester eventually won 20 – 11. During halftime the pupils took part in a lap of honour on the pitch, to which they got a standing ovation from the 24,000 fans who were watching the game!! The pupils got a lot out of the day and now have great aspirations to become a professional rugby player. Joe Yarnall said, ”The day was brilliant, I really enjoyed the coaching part of it and the game was also very good to watch!”

Mr Deeks

Visit to the Copperbox at the Olympic Stadium


On Tuesday 1st October a group of students visited the Copperbox, a venue used in the London 2012 Olympics to see the World’s best badminton players compete for the London Grand Prix title. Despite a long journey and some narrow defeats for the home nation players, it was a great day and the students were excellent ambassadors for Windsor High School and Sixth Form. “I really enjoyed my time watching the badminton at the Olympic Copperbox arena. It gave me the chance to see some world class athletes playing one of my favourite sports. We watched some very close matches and some thrashings! All of them were great to watch!”

Jack Macfarlane in 8S1.

Year 12 Pioneer Visit

On Wednesday 4th September the new Year 12 cohort met to begin their 3 day residential at the Pioneer Centre in Cleobury Mortimor. Students looked bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the adventure ahead; a very different, less energetic cohort of students returned after an action packed 3 days.
Students took part in a variety of activities ranging from high ropes and caving where students faced their fears of heights and enclosed spaces to more team building based activities such as initiative games where they had to use their problem solving skills.
The residential gave students the opportunity to build new friendship groups, meet the tutor team and for the Sixth Form team to share any vital information to prepare them for the new year ahead.

Insight into Law – Birmingham University

After writing letters of application or attending a Law masterclass, five students have been selected to attend the Birmingham University ‘Insight into Law’ day on 2nd July. Students will get an opportunity to hear from tutors and students about what it’s like to study law, the routes into the legal profession and what prestigious universities like Birmingham have to offer. They will also become lawyers themselves for the day, taking part in an interactive law seminar. Students are looking forward to taking what might be their first step towards a career which is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Youth Budget Convention, Downing Street

Six economics students from year 12 were invited to the 2013 Youth Budget Convention, held at Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. It was a very eventful day as well also met the Chancellor, George Osbourne and other various MPs including our local MP James Morris. We discussed how the next budget should be spent and how the money should be allocated. Overall it was a long day, but totally worth it!

Geography Field Trip

The Year 12 AS Geography class went on a field trip to Worcestershire, to collect data from Leigh Brook to use for our rivers investigation.

Visiting eight sites, the trip enabled us to see the geography in action and test the brook against the theories we learnt in class.

The trip was very insightful, allowing us to use equipment such as hydroprops to record our data and actually wade out into the water ourselves.

Elinor Cole 12TMC

Alton Towers

IT students attended a workshop at Alton Towers theme park on how IT is used in real and practical situations. The workshop lasted 45 minutes and was full of interesting information on how IT is used to help run, not just Alton Towers but the network of Merlin attractions. We found out how communication was used whilst operating the rides and how without technology, this would be impossible. It also involved useful tips on how they market their business and set up a successful website. This was a great help to us because part of our course involves creating our own website.

This trip was brilliant, not only did we experience first hand how technology is put into use for our safety and entertainment, we also had great fun on the rides.

Cameron Woodhouse Year 13

Battlefields Trip


We set off at 5am on Wednesday 28th March to visit the battle sites of the First World War to help us gain a better understanding of what we have studied in our AS English Literature course. Whilst on the trip, we visited many cemeteries, including Tyne Cot, the largest British cemetery, which brought home the true horrors of the war to all. Teachers and students paid respects during the trip. A visit to a German cemetery gave us some insight into the impact the war had upon them as a country also.

We had some trench experiences and saw craters that still exist to this day in the battlefields. Our visit to Thiepval Memorial was an eye opening experience for us as it was the inspiration behind one of our wider reading novels, “Birdsong”. After many opportunities to experience the sacrifice these men gave for today, the long journey back began with a chance to reflect for everyone.

Hannah Bentham Year 12

Social Sciences ‘Behind Bars Conference’

Students who study A Level law, Psychology, Sociology as well as year 11 Citizenship and Critical Thinking students attended the “Behind Bars Conference” run by ex-offenders. Students had the opportunity to talk to two people who were convicted of murder and another who served a total of 17 years for various stately home burglaries

All students said that the day was fantastic and helped enhance their current studies in the social sciences. Furthermore, pupils said that it really gave them an insight into the workings of prisons and their apparent and rather obvious failures, with a 70% reoffending rate. All in all, it was a fantastic and enlightening day and both students and staff came away from it with a more open mind.

Year 11 students commented that ‘the day was an incredibly interesting and thought provoking experience’, ‘the experiences and stories of the ex-offenders have changed my views about the criminal justice’ and ‘I really enjoyed the day, it was very interesting and it’s very unlikely I will get this opportunity again’.

Maths trip to the Olympic Park


Forty students from Year 11 took a trip to London to visit the Olympic Park were we learnt about the importance of mathematics in the planning of the Olympic Park. We had the opportunity to walk through the site and visited the Olympic Viewing Gallery, which offered views across London. We never knew what effect the Olympics would have on London; mainly by helping the most deprived areas. In our first workshop, we learnt about the boroughs of Newham and Hackney and what they were like before securing the Olympic bid. They had high crime rates and low employment rates. We saw how the Olympic Legacy programme could change these areas into economic and cultural hubs and the maths behind these programmes. The spirit of the Olympics was definitely there in the venues and we encourage everyone to get involved with the Olympic spirit and hold the Olympic values, as it will be a long time before the games come to Britain once again.

Oliver Patchett, Year 11

Morgan Cars

Morgan Cars was founded in 1910 by Harry Frederick Stanley Morgan. Generally known as “HFS”, the company is based in Malvern Link, an area of Worcestershire and employs 163 people. Morgan produced 640 cars in 2007 and all the cars are assembled by hand. The waiting list for a car is approximately one to two years, although it has been as high as ten years in the past. We went to the car factory to look at the manufacturing of the only handmade sports car in the UK. We observed how the sports cars are made from the wooden frame to the leather upholstery and also the paint work. We saw how the side panels are beaten down to fit a specific car. It has changed our perception of how our subjects fit into the real world and about taking pride in a finished piece of work.

Christopher Lilley, Billy Cummings, Reece Heskins and John Cappella


On Wednesday 25th January, several students undertaking the AS course in Further Maths visited the University of Birmingham to partake in an activity filled afternoon based on the concept of cryptography, the study of techniques of secret and secure communication.
We learnt of several attempts in history to conceal private messages, and were given the opportunity to try to replicate some of these methods. It was a fascinating afternoon, which went as far as describing modern day security algorithms used with online banking methods to ensure our protection against even the most expert software specialist.

James Wakerley 12EDO