Science is a forward thinking and dynamic faculty. We have a philosophy of sharing good practice and leading innovation, with an open door policy and a supportive team ethos.

Teachers are encouraged to be creative and take risks when developing new teaching strategies and work alongside dedicated SEN support colleagues.

Science is one of Windsor’s subject specialisms and we have approached the recent curriculum changes at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 with enthusiasm using them as an opportunity to engage and motivate students.

Key Stage 3

The Windsor Science faculty aims to nurture the enquiring minds of our students in a challenging and fun manner. This enables students to operate as scientists, because once they leave Windsor High School, Science will infiltrate their lives in so many ways on daily basis. In Key Stage 3 students follow the Activate scheme, with a large emphasis on developing practical skills in preparation for GCSE. Key Stage 3 students have four periods per week of Science, taught as doubles wherever possible.  All three of the sciences are taught across each year at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 the majority of students follow AQA Combined Science in Years 10 and 11.  However around 30% of our students complete Triple Science (separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Combined Science students have six periods per week.  Triple Science students have nine periods per week.  Wherever possible these are delivered as double periods.

Accommodation and Resources

There are thirteen laboratories in total, all equipped with interactive whiteboards, having been refurbished to allow practical lessons to form an integral part of most lessons to ensure our students maintain their investigative approach to Science.

The recent refurbishments also included the science preparation areas and this has given the five enthusiastic and experienced technicians four purpose built prep rooms. This ensures a high level of technical expertise to support learning and this was recognised when our Senior Technician received a national award for her high quality work and support for the Faculty.

The intranet is used for efficient communication and tracking pupil progress within the faculty. Sophisticated tracking systems enable us to identify underachievement quickly and deploy intervention strategies effectively to raise attainment.

There are sixteen friendly, experienced science teachers who employ a plethora of teaching styles to maximise the learning of our students.

We are pleased to welcome to the faculty both graduate teachers and PGCE students who provide excellent opportunities to develop mentoring skills and reflect on our own practice.

The Sixth Form has presented further opportunities for staff and faculty development as well as providing two new labs and a prep room. This is an exciting faculty to work in. It is a large and successful team which is continuing to develop the new curriculum alongside new facilities and investment.

Extra-curricular Activities

There is a regular Key Stage 3 STEM club. Science Week is celebrated each year with a variety of activities and there are also several science visits throughout the year. We have also developed successful projects with international schools and with local Primary schools.

Updated 30/04/19