Product Design

Product Design at Windsor is a successful department which is forward thinking in its delivery of both Key Stage 3 and 4.



Our aims are to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Enjoy turning ideas into reality
  • To strive for successful outcomes
  • Be creative and develop thinking skills
  • Work independently and develop self-esteem
  • To develop attitudes of curiosity, enquiry, initiative, ingenuity, resourcefulness
  • To experience a range of different material areas

We have high expectations of all our students and lead by example. We deliver learning with a consistent and co-ordinated approach.

Accommodation and Resources

The two Product Design workshops offer students a wide range of facilities for working in all materials including CAD CAM through the use of a Laser cutter.  All technology rooms have access to colour laser printing for high quality work. Most Design and Technology rooms have access to bookable laptops, which have wireless connections to the school network and the internet, this gives more flexibility in teaching CAD.

The school library is a valuable resource housing a good range of books and further access to ICT.

Key Stage 3

The students have 2 lessons of 50 minutes each week as a double lesson. Students are taught in mixed ability groups of around 25.

The Key Stage is divided into modules and the students rotate to experience the different materials areas utilising the specialist staff’s experience and classroom resources.

Key Stage 4

We deliver the courses via the AQA syllabus. Exam results have been very pleasing showing added value and are above national averages in all areas.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students can enjoy Product Design outside of lessons through a range of clubs, we offer:

  • Key Stage 3 Drop-in Workshop
  • Design and Technology leaders at Key Stage 4
  • Support sessions for GCSE students

The Technology and Arts Faculty team consists of nine teaching staff supported by technicians. All staff are very supportive and enjoy working together.

All staff contribute to the planning of courses and the writing of schemes of work. We aim to use our enthusiasm to motivate students and high expectations lead to success at all levels.