Graphics operates within the Technology and Arts Faculty, alongside Product Design, Food, Music and Health and Social Care.



Our aims are to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Engage with a variety of Graphics techniques and media.
  • Develop the ability to create, appreciate and make critical judgements about artworks.
  • Develop an understanding of the design process and how to develop an end product from a starting point.
  • To develop essential skills such as CAD/Photoshop, typography, drawing, and mixed media.
  • Encourage students to work independently and in teams, to share design experiences, and present artworks to others.
  • Develop an understanding of the work of other designers.
  • Increase active and independent involvement in cultural opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of Graphics in the modern world, through promotion and advertising.
Key Stage 3

The students have 2 lessons of 50 minutes each week as a double lesson. Students are taught in mixed ability groups of around 25.

The Key Stage in Technology is divided into modules and the students rotate to experience the different material areas of Graphics, Product Design and Food, utilising the specialist staff’s experience and classroom resources. They have a 13 week block in each area.

During their 13 weeks in Graphics they cover a wide range of skills and experiences through designing and making. They will research, design through sketching, create graphics in Photoshop and learn typography in order to develop essential Graphics skills.

Key Stage 4

Students study GCSE Graphic Communication following the AQA syllabus.

Exam results exceed the national average and we are proud of the quality of professional Graphics work that is produced each year.

Students follow a personal design brief and work to a final outcome which is made to a professional standard. Students produce two coursework projects worth 60% of their grade, and one practical exam project worth 40%. Throughout the course they will use a range of skills such as photography, Photoshop, mixed media and typography.

We have a suite of Apple Mac computers and PCs, scanners and drawing tablets, as well as a full range of materials and resources for students to use.

High expectations, independent study and challenge are high priority in all years.

Clubs are offered daily to give students the opportunity to use the facilities and get support from staff.

Key Stage 5

Students study A-level Graphic Communication, following the AQA syllabus. Lessons are taught in the Apple Mac suite and students have access to a full range of Graphics materials and equipment including Wacom drawing tablets.

Students are expected to work independently, following a project brief; experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques. They must investigate and take inspiration from the work of other designers. They begin with skills building projects to develop their skills and confidence, and then go onto a personal study worth 60%. They too produce an exam project worth 40%.

Accommodation and Resources

We have two Graphics rooms; one Apple Mac suite and one PC room, along with a set of laptops. In each room there are a set of A4 scanners and one A3 scanner as well as a set of Wacom drawing tablets. Each room accommodates the teaching of drawing, painting, mixed-media, ICT, and Photoshop. All of our rooms have interactive whiteboards and colour laser printers.


We have a team of Graphics leaders at Key Stage 4 who demonstrate leadership within the department by attending and supporting clubs, entering competitions and working with us at school events.

We also have a Key Stage 5 Design Agency, who work as an in-house design team, producing Graphics work for the school.

Extra-curricular Activities
  • Daily GCSE Graphics clubs
  • KS5 Workshops/support
  • KS5 Design Agency