Geography at Windsor has a long history of success. Although part of the Social Science Faculty, Geography has its own unique place within the school’s curriculum.


As a department, our aim is to provide a high-quality geography education for students to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The Geography Department

Six specialist Geographers run the curriculum area. We meet regularly to discuss new ideas and evaluate teaching and learning practice in a positive and responsive manner. The department thrives on the teaching abilities and varied styles of each member but moves forward as a whole. Internal review has highlighted staff expertise in the Geography Department as a key strength.

Key Stage 3

Geography is taught to all students in KS3 for two lessons a week. Years 7 and 8 follow a mastery curriculum with Year 9 studying a bringing curriculum. We have a policy of continually assessing each topic which leads to improvements and updates on an ongoing basis. At KS3 we ensure lessons are tailored to meet our students needs both at that key stage and beyond, into KS4. Topics in the KS3 curriculum include, Location-Location-Location, The Risky World and Impossible Challenges.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE geography curriculum is taught in Years 10-11 for three periods a week and it covers the AQA (8035) syllabus. Within this specification students will study a range of human and physical topics including Global Hazards, Resource Management and The Changing Economic World. In addition, students will develop their geographical skills by undertaking two pieces of fieldwork and a decision making exercise.

Key Stage 5

Geography is also offered at A-Level here at Windsor. We follow the AQA Geography syllabus. We study a range of physical and human topics across the A-Level, including water and carbon cycles, coasts, tectonics, global systems, urban issues and changing places. There is a compulsory fieldwork element linked to a residential experience in Dorset where students collect data for the extended project worth 20% of their final mark.


The resources in the subject area are varied and effective. We use the interactive whiteboard with extensive map features to enhance the visual impact of the topic. They are used to present video footage and global images. Students also have the opportunity to present their own work and ideas using the interactive whiteboard as an aid. Each classroom has internet access to provide the students with the instant, up-to-the-minute detail the subject needs. We also utilise the ICT resources at our disposal to record student attainment and highlight progress and tracking at department meetings.  Google Drive and Google Classroom are key features that the department are using to push student learning experiences and achievement both within and beyond the classroom.

The Geography Department at Windsor is hard-working and innovative. We are committed to raising standards and providing students with the best learning opportunities possible.