Art operates within the Technology and Arts Faculty alongside Food, Music, Graphics, Health and Social Care and Product Design.



Our aims are to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Engage with a variety of art forms, to explore values, attitudes, feelings and meanings.
  • Develop the ability to create, appreciate and make critical judgements about artworks.
  • Encourage students to work independently and in teams, to share arts experiences and present artworks to others.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of the arts in society, including as a career.
  • Increase active and independent involvement in cultural opportunities.

Through activities we strive to:

  • Stimulate total involvement and commitment from students.
  • Enable all students to succeed and develop self-esteem.
  • Show that learning can be fun.
  • Encourage respect for other people’s contributions.
  • Challenge students to consider complex issues, thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Help students to think in different ways and to use different forms of intelligence.

Students should work at least as hard as the teacher. They are motivated by seeing a clear purpose to lessons knowing why they are required to work in a particular way, being interested in outcome and being anxious to learn the skill, ideas or information on offer.

Accommodation and Resources

Art is taught in 3 specialist rooms. Each room accommodates the teaching of drawing, painting, mixed-media, 3D studies, ICT art and printmaking . All of our rooms have interactive whiteboards. Within the department, students have access to 14 computers, internet access, specialist software, A3 scanners, digital camera, colour printers and graphics tablets. We also have a fully equipped Sixth Form centre with individual working areas, 3 Apple Macs, graphics tablets, A3 scanner, colour printer, easels and a printing press. The school library is a valuable resource housing a good range of up to date art books and visual aids.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have a double lesson each week.  They are taught in mixed ability groups of around 25, on a rotation throughout the term with Drama and Music. The key stage is divided into 9 termly modules which cover a wide range of concepts, methods, materials and techniques, covering topics such as ‘Portraits’, ‘Colour Theory’ and ‘Under the Sea’. Students are encouraged to work independently where possible and develop patience, perseverance, respect and communicative skills alongside technical skills.

Key Stage 4

Students study GCSE Art according to the AQA syllabus. We pride ourselves on the high quality and diversity of work that our students produce, which we celebrate each year with our ‘Excellence in Art’ exhibition. Exam results exceed the national average.

High expectations, independent study and challenge are high priority in all years. Citizenship is integral to our delivery of the art curriculum.

Key Stage 5

Students study A-Level Art, according to the AQA syllabus. Lessons are taught in our Sixth Form studio.

Students are expected to work independently, following a project brief; experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques.

Extra-curricular Activities

Art clubs run on a daily basis for all years. Additional provision is made for talented students. Visits to art galleries, art workshops and master classes support the art curriculum.