About Us


Welcome to Windsor High School
and Sixth Form

Welcome to Windsor High School and Sixth Form. We hope that this website gives a small flavour of life in our school and introduces you to our ethos, values and beliefs.

We are a school committed to delivering the very best education for all of our students. This can be seen in our school motto “Excellence for All“, that applies equally to our twin objectives of academic success and extra-curricular and enrichment provision.


We are a school built on traditional values and our ethos and beliefs are evident in “The Windsor Way“. This is a charter committed to by our whole school community and celebrates the twin tenets of respect and responsibility and promotes our commitment to British Values (as set out in our Promoting Life in Modern Britain policy). Our active House system underlines these traits every day.

The Windsor Way: Building Character and Sharing Success

Windsor Academy Trust’s moral purpose is to unlock students’ academic and personal potential. We strive for our students to have a love of learning, be successful learners and gain the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in the world of work. Equally we endeavour for our students to be good human beings, with a sense of purpose and character enabling them to flourish in life. Windsor Academy Trust has a record of success. Crucial to our success is a core set of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Our students, teachers, support staff and parents understand, support and practise these values. Daily interaction between and amongst members of our community are based on these beliefs and have become a natural part of what we do and how we do it.

We aim: “to nurture a culture of respect and responsibility for oneself and for others”.

Here is how we live together at Windsor Academy Trust; we value and practise respect and responsibility.

  • for myself, other students and all adults, regardless of background, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, values, lifestyles, opinions or interests
  • for the property of the individual, group and school
  • by using language that is not offensive or abusive to others
  • by being open, honest, friendly, and accepting of others
  • by sharing ideas and opinions openly and thoughtfully
  • by listening actively to the ideas and opinions of others
  • for controlling my own language and behaviour
  • for resolving conflicts and disagreements in a cooperative and peaceful way
  • for completing all work to the best of my ability
  • for asking for support and help when I need it and helping others when they need it
  • for ensuring my own physical and emotional well-being
  • for creating my own success and being resilient in the face of challenge to approach all I do with a positive attitude
  • to see failure as a form of helpful feedback for future growth
  • to follow my dreams no matter what challenges I am faced with

We are proud of our track record in delivering academic success to our students. This has been the result of a close collaborative relationship between staff and students. Our students have taken on the responsibility of developing a set of core characteristics, attributes and behaviours fundamental to their success as learners. In our school learners ASPIRE!

The ASPIRE attributes are:
  • Active in our learning
  • Sure we can improve
  • Positive in our attitude
  • Imaginative in our thinking
  • Resilient when things go wrong
  • Effort – we always give 100%

At Windsor High School and Sixth Form Teaching and Learning is our core purpose. Our vision for Teaching and Learning is to engage, enthuse and inspire every lesson, every day. We are driven by our best practice at Windsor and for this reason our staff have created ten Teaching and Learning Principles which we collectively believe underpin effective Teaching and Learning. These principles have provided us with a consistent and coherent approach as well as a common language to use when talking about Teaching and Learning.

The WAT Teaching and Learning Principles
  1. Questioning by All
  2. Differentiated Challenge
  3. Personalised Feedback
  4. Purposeful Assessment
  5. Independence
  6. Positive Learning Climate
  7. Review Learning and Progress
  8. Sharing the Big Picture
  9. Modelling and Scaffolding
  10. Relevance, Pace, Variety

As a school, it is our strategy to zoom in on one Teaching and Learning principle for a sustained period of time. This enables us to reflect and practice embedding effective strategies into our lessons.

We hope that this website gives you a flavour of our school. We are also the flagship secondary school in the Windsor Academy Trust and have a thriving Sixth Form of approximately 300 students. Should you need any further information about us or our Trust, please give us a call and we would be happy to arrange a visit.

Mr S R Lanckham