Student Leadership

At Windsor High School and Sixth Form we believe that student leadership is integral to student achievement. Engaged students are more likely to succeed in school and beyond and to develop the character and competencies that will help them as they progress through life.


We have developed an extensive range of opportunities for students to contribute to school life. In leading others, students learn to be active citizens, think about their learning, develop relationships with staff and students, improve their interpersonal and communication skills and help staff to continually improve the school.

The roles that are on offer vary greatly. For example, students vote in their tutor groups and houses for their House and School Council Representatives. These student leaders meet regularly with an Assistant Head teacher to discuss the school environment and express students’ views or concerns.

Other leadership roles are appointed by staff. For example, the Prefects and Senior Prefects are chosen by the Heads of House. These are year 11 students that have demonstrated leadership qualities throughout their time at Windsor High School and Sixth Form. These students play a significant part in the day to day running of the school and are highly respected by staff and students.

Sports leadership is well developed at Windsor. All students are given the opportunity to gain experience of organising and leading others within physical education lessons. In addition, a range of roles and qualifications are offered to students as they progress through the school to further develop their leadership skills and assist staff. These include organising house events and school teams, coaching younger students and leading projects in primary schools.

Many other subjects in the school offer leadership opportunities to students. For example, Music Leaders, Dance Leaders and History Leaders assist in lessons, coach other students and help to plan and organise events. Peer Mentors, Maths Mentors and Paired Readers assist younger students with their learning.

To enable students at Windsor to build their leadership skills, we have developed clear structures. Sports Leadership is monitored by use of a Leadership Ladder that identifies roles and responsibilities and allows progression for students as they show they are able to accept greater responsibility. Within form tutor groups, a similar Pastoral Leadership Ladder is in place. Roles and responsibilities have been identified so that all students have an opportunity to lead.

At Windsor, we are firmly committed to academic excellence and extra-curricular opportunity; we believe that the vehicle of ‘Leadership’ is helpful in nurturing values that create well rounded citizens proficient in the skills needed in the world of work, alongside their academic qualifications.