Rewarding Students

At Windsor High School and Sixth Form students receive credits which are recorded in SIMS and awarded in four key areas:


Excellent work relative to the student’s target grade / level, demonstrating the Windsor Way in an exemplary fashion or demonstrating the ASPIRE strands to improve their learning.


Sustained high level of effort or involvement.

Service to the House

Attendance, commitment to house activities and supporting the role of the Form Tutor or Head of House.

Service to the School

Outstanding contribution to the school, support for whole school events, representing the school with distinction.

  • The class teacher is responsible for issuing credits for achievement and commitment within their own teaching groups. Form Tutors issue credits for house activities and Heads of House for attendance.
  • Punctuality and excellent uniform is an expectation at Windsor and we do not issue credits for either. 
  • Credits are awarded by staff electronically.
  • At regular intervals a report is run which details how many credits have been issued for that period for each student.
Year 7 and 8

Each half term Year 7 and 8 Form Tutors receive a list detailing how many credits each student has received in that period, together with the relevant number of credit stickers.

Students put the credit stickers in their planners and then log on to to register the credit on their account.  Each student has an account set up and each credit sticker has a unique code.   Once they have received a minimum of 5 stickers they are then able to purchase items from the online shop.

The item is delivered to the student via their Form Tutor.

Students are regularly asked for additional items they would like to receive to ensure the prizes are relevant and desirable.

Year 9, 10 and 11

Each half term Year 9, 10 and 11 Form Tutors receive a list detailing how many credits each student has received in that period.

These credits are used to calculate a discount for a reward event. Years 9 and 10 receive discounts for a trip to Alton Towers; whilst year 11 receive a discount towards the Prom.