Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the Foundation of our Success

Windsor has “ensured that there is a calm and purposeful ethos around the school which is conducive to a good learning environment in the classroom.” “students maintain very high standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to their work. Students spoken to were highly positive about the school and said there is very little they would change.
Work in tutorial sessions across the school is well planned and delivered consistently well by teachers.
The behaviour of students is a strength of the school. They conduct themselves well around the building and the very large majority have positive attitudes to learning. They thrive on additional responsibilities and the array of extra-curricular clubs on offer.”

Pastoral Care Statement

The pastoral care system supports and promotes the shared values and aims of the school of ‘Excellence for All’. It is an integral part of the life of the school, underpinning the academic work of the school, working tirelessly to remove any barriers to learning. A committed team of professionals in school work closely with all stakeholders and external agencies to ensure students can fulfil their academic potential whilst also flourishing as well rounded individuals. Our ethos is based on the Windsor Way which promotes Respect and Responsibility for oneself and others, an ethos which can be felt throughout the school. Equality and diversity are embraced across the school with British Values celebrated every day  (as set out in our Promoting Life in Modern Britain policy). Safeguarding and child protection are central to the pastoral system as we believe only safe and happy students will truly fulfil their potential (click here to view our Safeguarding policy).

Pastoral Structure

At Windsor High School and Sixth Form the Pastoral structure is based on vertical House teams led by a Head of House. Each House consists of two tutor groups from each year group. The Head of House leads half termly meetings with House tutors to share good pastoral practice. There are regular House assemblies led by the Head of House, which focus on raising aspirations and developing emotional, physical and mental well being. The Heads of House are a really strong team of committed colleagues ably supported by a number of other staff.

Non teaching Pastoral Managers support the five Heads of House. They are all experienced in the many aspects of pastoral work and are a valued resource in support of the work of the Head of House. In addition to the Pastoral Managers we have experienced members of staff who have a specific remit to support vulnerable students.

We are an oversubscribed ten form entry school with a senior member of staff co-ordinating our Primary Liaison work and the transition from KS2 to KS3.

The vertical organisation of the Houses is a real strength. It provides the Head of House with a whole school role and shares responsibility at key times such as Options in Year 9. The benefits of older students working with younger students and mixed age assemblies are enormous in promoting cohesion and unity across the school.

The Head of House strives to:
  • Lead their team in pursuit of excellence.
  • Empower students with the basic skills, experiences, knowledge and attitudes that are required for work and leisure in a rapidly developing society so that students become active, confident and responsible members of the community.
  • Lead their team in maintaining high standards of attendance and behaviour and in maintaining an orderly atmosphere that supports the ethos of the school.
  • Provide an atmosphere in which all students are confident that they are safe, valued and respected.
  • Enable students to achieve their true academic potential by supporting the academic curriculum and the work of the Faculty and Curriculum Leaders.
  • Encourage students to respect others and the school environment.
  • Encourage students to be responsible members of the school community.
  • Strengthen the links between parent/carer and the school, recognising that education is a shared task involving students, home and the school.
Extra-curricular House Activities


We have a thriving and exciting House Activity programme with all students encouraged to take part in at least one activity. This programme makes a huge contribution to the positive ethos of the school. The Heads of House are actively involved contributing to the range of activities on offer and supporting youngsters as they participate in the House Activity programme. There are a wide range of sporting and non sport related competitions. House Seniors are Year 10 students who, after a special training programme, assist in the organisation and delivery of these events and have a responsibility to organise teams for the various competitions.


Windsor recognises the importance of student voice and leadership. Our students have numerous opportunities throughout their school life to take on a variety of leadership roles which help shape and guide all we do in the pursuit of excellence for all.