Mission Statement

These are the aims and values of Windsor High School and Sixth Form. Our motto is: “Excellence for All”. For details of the values we encourage in our students, see ‘The Windsor Way‘.

IMG_1842 uniform

  • Learning matters for all students
  • Expectations of all students are high
  • The achievements of all are celebrated
  • Each child is of equal importance
  1. To develop individual potential and thereby self esteem.
  2. To promote understanding of, and respect for, others.
  3. To equip the individual with the skills, qualifications and attitudes necessary for a fulfilling adult life.
  4. To ensure that equal opportunities to succeed are open to all.
  5. To secure positive involvement of parents in support of their children’s education.
  6. To encourage awareness of, and involvement with, the local community.
  7. To develop an awareness in students that there is:
    • Something more than the material
    • Something to wonder at
    • Something to respond to