House System

The Windsor House System

Every student is allocated to a tutor group. There are ten tutor groups in each year. Each group is led by a Form Tutor who will usually remain with the tutor group for the five years those students are at Windsor.


The Form Tutor is a key member of staff and is responsible for establishing a happy, secure and supportive relationship with his/her tutor group. Students in turn feel secure in having someone to whom they can look to for support and guidance. Students meet with their tutor every morning and afternoon.

We have five Houses, Hanover, Lancaster, Stuart, Tudor and York. Each House has identifiable colours and students in a particular House wear a tie, which reflects the House colour. A Head of House leads individual Houses and they are as follows:

Ms Y Grant Mrs N Good Ms J Heeley Mr R Lowe Mr A Perks
House Activities

The House system also provides students with the opportunity to participate collectively in a wide range of activities. We are able to offer students a whole range of competitions, which include sport, quizzes, board games, talent competitions and many more. The programme of events is ever changing, catering for the varied interests of our students. It has proved to be a valuable addition to our extra curricular programme of events.

Selected students from Year 10 have been appointed as House Seniors and in Year 11 there are Prefects attached to each House. These students play a vital role in organising the various events.

All of the competitions will count towards identifying the “House of the Year”. Throughout the school year we take the opportunity to celebrate the many successes and triumphs. We celebrate in House assemblies, via the weekly “Newsletter” and by participating and supporting various activities.

The response from our students to the Windsor House System has been outstanding and we continue to build on the standards and achievements of the last two years.

Pastoral Welfare and Academic Progress

Senior staff and members of the Leadership Team have responsibility for lower school and upper school, as well as student well-being. All staff report to the Deputy Headteacher for Student Services.