Joining Windsor in Year 7

Joining Windsor High School

The transition from primary school to high school is an exciting time, full of challenges and new experiences for both parent and child. At Windsor we place great emphasis on helping Year 6 pupils get to know our school and then to settle in quickly when they arrive.


Admissions – What is the process?

During May and June some of our Year 7 students will visit their former primary school to work with children who are transferring to us the following September. Over several weeks they will talk about their experiences at high school and answer any questions or allay any fears the children may have about moving up to high school.

Early in July Year 6 pupils will be invited into school for New Intake Day. This will be a taster day where the children will be able to experience taster lessons and start to get to know their way around school. They will meet the children they will be with in September and start to make new friends.

There is a New Intake Evening for Parents, where parents can come along to meet the leadership team, Heads of House and Form Tutors. Key information will be passed on, there will be an opportunity to ask questions, talk through any concerns and to receive the New Intake booklet which will have lots of useful information which you can absorb later at your leisure.

What can parents do to aid the transition?

Be positive – encourage the excitement and anticipation.

Be supportive – acknowledge any anxiety and seek to address concerns.

Come along to the New Intake Evening – this is a very informative evening and we will answer the many questions you may have.

Read the New Student/Parent Guide – it has lots of useful information and hints to ensure starting at high school goes smoothly for everyone.

Come along to the Summer Fun Day – in an informal setting you can meet other parents and teachers and have a fun family day out.

Keep in touch – we know that parents often feel that they are not as ‘involved’ once their child goes to high school, and certainly we all want to encourage the students to develop independence, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns. We aim to be approachable and will always do our best to resolve any problems.

Getting ready for September – The Practical Issues


Click here for full details about uniform.

We have clear guidelines about uniform and expect all students to adhere to them. We know our parents are keen to support us in this. Year 7 students are keen to get the right uniform and to look like everyone else. We do not want you to waste money on inappropriate purchases, so do read the advice carefully. In July we have two uniform evenings where students can try on and parents purchase uniform. Details of uniform and the dates when these evenings are scheduled for are sent to parents in advance.

Label everything!

One job your child can do to prepare for high school is to help you to label all uniform items and belongings with their name. If items are sent to Lost Property it is much easier for us to return the items to their owner. Name tapes are best for longevity on uniform items, but indelible marker pens can be just as good.

School Lunch

Students may buy lunch in school or bring a packed lunch from home if they prefer. There is a good selection of hot and cold food each day, including salads and fresh fruit and we encourage students to eat healthily. We run a cashless system. Click here for more information.


We are very aware that children need to keep their brains hydrated in school. We therefore encourage our students to bring a ‘sport type’ bottle to school and to have this with them in lessons. They may refill the bottle at the water coolers during break or lunch time.

Pastoral Care

Alongside teaching and learning, the pastoral care of our students is paramount. Through a vertical House system we want our students to feel safe and supported. There is a clear pastoral structure in place and students can approach any member of pastoral team for help, support and advice.

We do have rules, based on mutual respect, and community spirit (see the Windsor Way). Sometimes students do get things wrong, but the main thing is they learn and put it right. We ask parents to support us in this.