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Design a print competition

8th November 2019
Design a print competition

Do you like design and being creative or have an interest in fashion and surface design? If you like either of these then this is a great opportunity.

A clothing company is running a competition for students to design a print/pattern to go onto an item of clothing. It could be a top, dress, trousers or any item of clothing.

You will design the pattern/print to go onto the clothing and you can use Photoshop,  freehand drawing or painting to create your designs.

The company is called Popsy clothing so have a look at their clothes. They have all sorts of prints from dogs, cats and dinosaurs so you can let your imagination run wild.

See Mrs Clifford for a template for your designs to go onto or start working on Photoshop and email designs to KClifford.


  • Credits and chocolates for the winner in school.
  • If you win the main competition:
  • £500 to the Graphics department
  • A certificate
  • A Hamper of treats and goodies.

Deadline for entries is 15th November.

Good luck!