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House Competition for Years 7 and 8

21st June 2019
House Competition for Years 7 and 8

Write a poem on the theme of PLACE to enter into the Betjeman Poetry Prize!

Deadline for entries in school:  Wednesday 10th July

All entries must include your full name and form.  Hand in to Miss Grace!

Some ideas to get you thinking:

A. Think back to a place that means something to you.  Place yourself at the scene. Where are you? What has happened – or is about to happen?

B. Think of sayings or expressions that people often use when talking about place e.g. a place in my heart, the right time and place, feeling out of place.  Sometimes a short saying can inspire a whole poem!

C. Write a poem about where you live as if written for someone who has never been there.  Is there a familiar street you walk down all the time? Have you ever wondered what the flickering lamp post has seen in the night? Describe your journey home, your local corner shop or the road always blocked with traffic.

More resources are available by clicking here.