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Leadership Academy in Local Schools July Update

7th July 2017
Leadership Academy in Local Schools July Update

Group 1 of the Leadership Academy planned and delivered a quality session to Year 5 at Caslon Primary School. Mr Wilmore commented on how well the group communicated with the pupils.

Group 6 delivered a rounders session to Year 3 at Colley Lane School. All of the leaders took a small group to work with and the children had a great time and improved their rounders skills and knowledge.

Group 5 also delivered a quality session at Olive Hill School to Year 3 in very warm conditions. Emma George gave an impromptu inspiring speech to the pupils – thank you Emma!

Group 5 are Ellie T, Sophie B, Emma G, Alice L, Haylie S, Maggie Mae T, Drew W, Sam W and Reece G from Year 9.

Thanks to Mr Wilmore, Mr Moore and Mr Wilkinson for driving and overseeing the groups.

Mrs K Jones