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GCSE Results 2017

28th February 2017
GCSE Results 2017
Progress 8 +0.23
Average Attainment 8 grade 4.85
Percentage of students gaining a strong pass in both Maths and English 40%
Percentage of students gaining a standard pass in both Maths and English 60%
Percentage of year 11 taking Ebacc 24%
Percentage of year 11 gaining a strong pass in Ebacc (Maths and English measured at grade 5 or above) 12%
Percentage of year 11 gaining a standard pass in Ebacc (Maths and English measured at grade 4 or above) 13%
Destinations (percentage of students staying in education or employment) 95%


Progress 8

All secondary schools are judged on the amount of progress that their students make. This is known as the ‘Progress 8’ measure. This is the main headline measure by which schools are ranked and is published in the secondary school performance tables.

What does Progress 8 measure?

Progress 8 calculates how much progress students make between their results in year 6 and their results in year 11. It is a ‘value-added’ measure, meaning students’ results are compared to the achievements of other pupils across the country with similar year 6 results.
A school’s Progress 8 score is an average of all students’ individual scores. It shows whether, as a group, students in the school made above or below average progress compared to similar students in other schools.
A value of 0 is the national average and therefore a figure above 0 is above average whereas a negative value would be below the national average.

Our provisional Progress 8 score is +0.23

Attainment 8

Our average ‘Attainment 8’ grade is 4.85
Attainment 8 is a measure of a student’s average grade across a set suite of eight subjects.
Our score means that the average grade for all our year 11 students across all subjects was the equivalent of a strong C grade.


Windsor operated a free option choice for the year 11 students that completed their GCSEs in 2016. As a consequence 24% of students studied courses that would give them the complete suite of Ebacc subjects. Of these 50% successfully met the strong pass at Ebacc performance measure. This represented 12% of all year 11 students.