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We place huge emphasis on developing the leadership skills of both support and teaching staff. We offer a continuum of development opportunities – everything from getting you ready for leadership through to supporting you in a Senior Leadership role and onwards to Headship.

From Autumn 2017 the National Professional Qualifications for Middle and Senior Leaders have changed and we are proud to announce that Windsor Academy Trust is an accredited provider of these new programmes! NPQML and NPQSL are nationally recognised programmes delivered to meet local circumstances.

You will get proven, high quality face to face sessions as well as superb “student support”.  We have commissioned a top-notch 360 feedback tool to assist your initial reflections and to help you to focus your development journey.

Our programmes build in the strong support that coaching can bring and they also ground learning in leadership challenges to make sure there are impacts back in school.

Google classroom underpins your access to materials and key tasks.

One of the important aspects for us is that you minimise the impact on the learning of your students and so most of our programmes are delivered as twilight sessions.

We are also delighted to announce that government funding should support all leaders applying from schools in Walsall, Dudley, Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Coventry and some parts of Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Please ask for more detail by contacting

What we want for our leaders, wherever they are in their journey is that they continue to move forwards, growing in confidence and capability to be the best that they can be for our schools.

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Here are what some of the delegates on these programmes have said:

“Discussions are really useful; their perspectives are sometimes changing mine.”

“I recognise developments in myself on a weekly basis. I continually reflect and evaluate my leadership strategies.”

“Allows for reflection as a ‘seasoned’ teacher.”

“I am beginning to view my role from a completely different perspective, my relationships with other staff has changed/is developing as a result.”

“I’m analysing data more; I’m making staff responsible for and aware of under-achievements.”

“Reading think-pieces and having time to discuss them with leaders at other key stages has been most useful.”

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