Ancient History 

Ancient History across the curriculum.


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, Ancient History is incorporated into History lessons where possible. In Year 7, students complete a unit on Italy which includes the study of Ancient Roman society, the army and entertainment (such as the gladiators and chariot racing!). Year 8 study the rise of democracy in England and make parallels to the Roman government. Finally, Year 9 look at heroes and villains throughout the ages, from Hannibal to Jack the Ripper!

Key Stage 4

The OCR Ancient History GCSE focuses upon fascinating characters in the ancient world, such as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and the evil kings of Rome!

Key Stage 5

Windsor Sixth Form offers ‘A’ level Classical Civilisation. AS Level covers the Greek World – we study the bloodthirsty Spartans and the even bloodier events in four Greek Tragedy plays!  In A2 we move to Roman and learn about Virgil and the world of the hero.  We will look at two of the greatest stories from ancient Greece and Rome – the myth of the Trojan War and what happened to those Trojans who survived.  We will study Greek and Roman society, values and history by studying the epic poems The Iliad and the Aeneid. This links in with the second unit at A2 where we study Roman History: the use and abuse of power: an inside into the complex and most crazy lives of the first Roman Emperors!


GCSE students have the opportunity to visit Rome during Activities Week. The department has made links with the University of Birmingham, meaning that our GCSE and A level students have the chance to attend Saturday workshops and seminars at the University.

Ancient History has it’s own KS3 Classics Club called Time Travellers. We meet every week and our activities include deciphering ancient languages, studying myths and gods and why they are relevant today.